Why Snowplow Analytics?

Snowplow is the Open Source digital analytics events pipeline, allowing businesses to capture and organise all the things happening in real time. Using modern data processing and storage techniques, Snowplow allows you to record everything and keep the raw, original source data forever so you can always try a new analysis in the future.


Your data, stored in your systems

Snowplow is self-hosted so you keep control of the data and how it’s used. Store sensitive data in your AWS (Amazon Web Services) account using your existing security controls and join it with your existing data sets without having to jump through hoops.



Massive transaction volumes

Snowplow scales to your event throughput events per day, in real-time, without missing a beat using reliable, highly available AWS services. The costs of data processing and storage are remarkably affordable even at high volumes.



Integrate data sources into a single pipeline

Shoehorning complex event data into traditional analytics systems is difficult and inevitably leads to loss of fidelity from the original source. Snowplow allows you to model events and the contexts in which they happen using your existing framework and integrations. Just push a JSON object in to describe the event.



Build analytics into your product

Software As A Service companies around the world leverage Snowplow’s pre-built analytics capabilities to embed analytics functions into their customer-facing products without having to build it all from scratch. Snowplow’s Open Source model means you can economically build it into your product without future cost surprises.