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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Data Connector

Automate your reporting and simplify analysis by pulling Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Exact Target) email send, open, bounce and click data into a conventional database. Follow your users across email, SMS, push notification, online and app channels by merging behaviour streams with Salesforce Marketing Cloud providing the link to user identity. Manage your churn through better visibility of bounces and unsubscribes, along with the behaviours that indicate churn risk.

How it works

The Snowflake Analytics Data Connector regularly exports your outbound marketing and transactional email data for later reporting and analysis using your standard database and data warehouse tooling.

Identity stitching

We configure your outbound channels to pass through a common user identifier whenever a user clicks through on an email, SMS or push notification link. This provides the common key that can be used to identify users and merge their behaviour across web and app touchpoints. This integration can be made in any available behavioural tool including Snowplow Analytics, Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

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