How Snowflake Analytics accelerated Oneflare to be a leader in customer analytics.

Integrated, accurate, standardised data in a centralised customer data platform built using Snowplow Insights.

The Challenge

As Oneflare grew as a business, so did the data silos generating different versions of the truth with minimal data governance. A company wide approach was needed to treat data as a valuable organisational asset, integrating data from departments and sharing it with the broader business in a centralised customer data platform.

The Solution

Snowplow Insights has enabled Oneflare to integrate platform data from different departments into a single customer data platform in a consistent and standardised way. By enriching and validating incoming data, having clean and accurate company wide metrics has lead to data sharing and fostering innovation at Oneflare.

The Result

Isolated metrics have now been replaced with an integrated view of business performance and this is shared across the organisation, being consumed by all departments within the company. Oneflare is now finding insights that were previously hidden between silos and capitalising on them with intelligent decisioning.

From the outset we worked with our partner Snowflake Analytics to ensure we got data right at Oneflare. Snowplow Insights enabled Oneflare to iterate at a faster cadence, by allowing the analytics team to validate hypotheses and justify product decisions that improve our core metrics.

Ken Tabuki - COO, Head of Analytics

Oneflare is an Australian online marketplace that connects customers and businesses. It has over 150 service categories from plumbers and electricians to pet groomers and interior designers to service the desired job. Submitting a job request is free, and customers can expect to receive up to 3 competitive quotes from nearby businesses.

Oneflare has embedded Snowplow Insights as the core of its analytics customer data pipeline. Its key strength is the ability to track the entire user journey at the event level to build a detailed understanding of our customers. This allows the team to tightly focus and rapidly iterate on acquiring raving fans faster and more importantly, scaling it quickly.

Nathan Scully, Senior Analytics Manager

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