Snowflake Analytics Data Connectors

Get an integrated view of your marketing activity and customer behaviour by bringing all your data together. Join up your disparate systems so you can combine all your data for reporting, analysis and action



Bring display impressions, clicks, spend and revenue into a database for detailed analysis. Incorporate a Snowplow impression tracking pixel so that you can track users from impression through to site activity.


Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a powerful marketing channel with many useful tools to manage campaign performance but it can be tricky to analyse alongside other marketing activities. The Snowflake Analytics Adwords Data Connector allows you to do powerful analysis on the raw Adwords data, integrating cost and targeting with performance and other channel activity.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Exact Target)

Automate your reporting and simplify analysis by pulling Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Exact Target) email send, open, bounce and click data into a conventional database. Follow your users across email, SMS, push notification, online and app channels by merging behaviour streams with Salesforce Marketing Cloud providing the link to user identity. Manage your churn through better visibility of bounces and unsubscribes, along with the behaviours that indicate churn risk



Export your video performance data into a database to generate unified reporting with your other user behaviour. Stitch together with your existing behavioural analytics to understand video behaviours in context.

Apple News logo

Apple News

Produce integrated audience reporting from all your channels by automatically importing Apple News reports into your own database. Snowflake Analytics handles scheduling and maintenance of the connector so you can get on with building great reporting