Snowplow Inspector extension updated to colour code and allow filtering

Monday 16 July, 2018 | By: Simon Rumble

Snowplow usage continues to go up and to the right, with new and interesting use cases proliferating. Alongside this we’ve seen a steady increase in usage of our debug tool, Snowplow Inspector.

We’ve started to see web sites with multiple Snowplow trackers on them for different use cases as businesses integrate the Open Source version into vertical-specific products. This can lead to a confusing view in the debugger with a lot of beacons appearing in the debugger and no easy way to differentiate them. Jethro has been hard at work improving the tool to handle these cases.

Colour Coding

Different colours are used for each unique combination of App ID and Collector

You’ll notice now that beacons are colour-coded in the list of beacons on the left-hand side. Each unique combination of app_id and collector gets a unique colour so you can quickly differentiate the different destinations. Mousing over the beacon in the left-hand column quickly shows you the Collector and App ID. As you scan your eye down the list of beacons, you can visually group them.


Filter by any of the fields in the debugger

In addition, if you want to filter them down by Collector or App ID, you can type that into the new filtering box. This filter actually works for any of the fields you see in the debugger (though not the Base 64-encoded ones just yet).

Let us know your thoughts

If you find any bugs or have any feature requests for the debug too, please create an issue in GitHub.


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