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Google Adwords Data Connector

Google Adwords is a powerful marketing channel with many useful tools to manage campaign performance but it can be tricky to analyse alongside other marketing activities. The Snowflake Analytics Adwords Data Connector allows you to do powerful analysis on the raw Adwords data, integrating cost and targeting with performance and other channel activity.

How it works

The Snowflake Analytics Data Connector exports Adwords data daily into your Redshift or other database, including gclid (Google Click ID) and cost data pulled from the criteria performance report. The Data Connector allows you to join Google Adwords cost data with your behavioural analytics tool at the event level, integrating into tools such as Snowplow Analytics, Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Use cases

  • Custom cross-channel attribution incorporating Adwords costs

  • Using user-level lifetime customer value to evaluate campaign performance

  • Cross-device stitching to get a full view of all locations a user clicked and thus total cost per acquisition

  • Analyse the contribution of content marketing and how your Adwords spend drives users to content that works

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